About Kron

Kron Martial Arts teaches HEMA: Historical European Martial Arts.  We do this as a non-profit affiliate of the educational 501(c)3 HEMA Alliance. The founders of Kron helped found the HEMA Alliance in 2009, and the HEMA Alliance is now the leading research and practice federation for HEMA in North America representing over 60 clubs and schools.

HEMA is contact martial arts based on research of historical training manuscripts.  If you’re unfamiliar with these sources, the best place to learn is at Wiktenauer.com.  Wiktenauer is the flagship research project of the HEMA Alliance, and the world’s largest and most utilized library of HEMA period sources. Many people aren’t aware that there are surviving manuscripts with hundreds of pages of detailed instruction and drawings on medieval martial arts. We work with medieval linguists, historians, and modern martial artists to recover these physical arts.

Kron’s instructors teach primarily from the Liechtenauer tradition of medieval German martial arts, although we are also an eclectic school and have study groups and special events for Irish and Scottish martial arts, Spanish and Portuguese martial arts, Eastern martial arts, and even Native American martial arts.

The longsword is the primary weapon of the liechtenauer system, and so is the primary weapon of Kron. But among the many other weapon systems we teach are dagger, staff, spear, sword and shield, rapier, langesmesser (German heavy machete), poleax, cane fighting, medieval wrestling, and more.

There are currently three active chapters of Kron Martial Arts. But even if you’re not near enough to visit a chapter, we’re happy to hear from you. We also visit schools and libraries throughout Southern California, and travel to national and international events.

Contact us at info@kronmartialarts.com.

Kron Chapters:

Kron L.A.

Kron Fullerton

Kron Fightschool / South Coast Swords