Kron Fullerton


Kron Fullerton is the original chapter of Kron Martial Arts, and currently trains every Wed. at 7PM on the campus of California State University, Fullerton.

Kron Fullerton meets on the lawn next to the Rec Center on the CSU Fullerton campus.   Because Kron Fullerton doesn’t have rent to pay on their practice location, and because the chapter functions as an informal study group (there are sometimes experienced instructors with a teaching plan, but most often it’s students helping students learn), there is NO charge for Kron Fullerton practices beyond the $52/annual ($1/week!) Membership dues that are common to all Kron chapters.  For new people not ready to commit to membership, the first visit is free, and after that there is an option to pay a $5-per-practice guest fee instead of becoming a Member.

Kron Fullerton welcomes all visitors and newcomers; it is not necessary to be a CSUF student.   For more information on how to attend one of our practices, check the Kron Fullerton Meetup page, or the contact page here.