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KRON's Sword Fighting Class Gets Medieval On Your Ass

KRON is a medieval fighting group that teaches the traditional art of sword fighting and medieval combat.

Posted by OC Weekly on Monday, June 12, 2017

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Kron South Coast teaches Historical European Martial Arts classes at South Coast Fencing Center near the 405 and South Coast Plaza, and will soon also be offering regular classes at Gryphon Fencing Center in Placentia.  We also do regular public education programs at libraries, schools, and museums, through our Swordscholar youth program (

Current Classes at South Coast Fencing Center are:
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8PM
Sundays, 2:30PM

To RSVP for South Coast classes please visit

Information about training fees and a newbie FAQ are here:

South Coast Training Fees

Newbie FAQ

If you are a Disney Cast Member, look here: Disney Cast Members Special

Kron South Coast is managed by 4 Instructors: RJ McKeehan,
Jonathan Mayshar, Jeremy Loose, and Robin Price.

You can read their bios on our youth programs page here.

For questions about Kron South Coast programs,
please contact us at


Directions to SCFC

It’s a little confusing.  When you’re on Harbor looking for West Lake Center Drive (see map below) what happens to a lot of people is that they see the sign for Scenic Drive and keep driving.  The same road is Scenic in one direction, and West Lake Center in the other direction (and the Scenic sign is easier to see). Enter the fencing center through the backdoor.

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