Disney Employees Special


The guy in the middle, wearing one of several HEMA medals that he’s won, is Myles Cupp.  Myles is our head Italian rapier instructor, accomplished in longsword as well, and an early member and long-standing leader of Kron. Myles is also an electrical engineer working at Disney and completely nuts for most things Mouse.  So you have Myles to thank for the idea of advertising a special in the Discount Directory for Disney employees.

And it makes sense.  I mean, how many Disney movies have swords in them?  Take your time  🙂

The discounts are for the Kron Fightschool / South Coast Swords chapter of Kron at South Coast Fencing Center in Santa Ana.  “Kron Fightschool” is the name of the non-profit Kron chapter of the HEMA Alliance, and South Coast Swords is a professional martial arts school started by the founders of Kron who wanted to make the leap from “club” to “school”.  Our chapter is both.  You’d also be welcome at Kron LA at CalTech, which has dedicated instructors as well, but we’d have to negotiate to see if we can get you a deal with them on training fees.  If you’re close to Fullerton you would be welcome there also, but be aware that Fullerton is a club study group and may not have an experienced instructor on the night you visit.  We recommend starting out with us at South Coast.

Please RSVP for a Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday on our Meetup Page!

If we know we have a new student coming we can usually have a second instructor on hand for a crash-course and to help introduce you to the gang.


The weird inverted heavy metal sign that we’re doing in the upper frame is supposed to represent Mishael Lopes-Cardozo’s forked beard.  This is from one of his visits from the Netherlands.  He makes everyone he teaches take this picture.  South Coast gets amazing guest instructors from all over.  On the bottom left is head longsword instructor RJ McKeehan and his sister Victoria, both tournament medal-winners.  On the bottom right is Robin Price teaching for us at a Scottish Fair.  Robin is an inductee into the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame and teaches too many different martial arts to list here.